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Jeremy R. Reed

Jeremy R. Reed, MBA, BSB/ACC

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Over 2000 income tax returns and 6 years of financial accounting experience later, my career in accounting has been a rewarding and learning experience to look back on. I started my career in accounting and tax preparation at the beginning of the tax season in 2003.  I jumped right into client financial write-ups, while on the side and in my free time, toying with mock income tax returns. By the second year of my accounting career, I had begun preparing tax returns for clients under the supervision of CPAs. The public accounting firm that began my career developed a solid foundation in accounting for me to build from.  During the next several years as a Public Accountant, I was actively pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in accounting which provided a link from academic concepts of accounting to real-world practice.

Of course, the pursuit of knowledge never ends in a career in accounting, and especially income tax. So, upon completion of my Bachelor’s degree, I began a Master’s degree program, which I later completed.   

Overall, I have more than 6 years of experience in public accounting and income tax preparation, as well as two degrees (one in business and one in accounting).  I am very well versed in the use of accounting software programs used in client write-ups, payroll processing, sales tax preparation, and income tax preparation. Such programs include QuickBooks, Peachtree, ATF, Lacerte, Drake, and many others.  

At Accounting by Numbers, we are committed to providing an organized and quality service that will be efficient, economical and, above all, professional.

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